Sustainability at Trash & Treasure

One persons trash is another's treasure!

Trash & Treasure came to life in lockdown one, a terrible time when the world was closed. We decided to get inventive with new ingredients from unusual sources in our distillery, looking for things that would deliver tasty AF spirits that could reduce waste around the world.
Innovation drives everything we do, creating amazing drinks feels like magic to us. So when we began exploring what was freely available, we found waste ingredients were being produced from the industry around us and an idea exploded – one persons Trash is another’s Treasure. When this becomes your ethos it’s amazing what you start to discover, we saw the opportunity to challenge the status quo!

Trash on our Doorstep

The most thrown-away food group in the UK is fresh fruit and vegetables, and this is a subject close to our founder's heart after a decade in the produce industry.

We all conveniently ignore the mountain of waste behind our everyday indulgences, but why not turn that waste into something we can enjoy? How do we put this waste to better taste and sip on a solution!

Rescued from landfill

Our objective is to rescue 100+ tonnes from landfill over the next three years.

We are constantly innovating and have an exciting pipeline of products up our sleeve as we look to reduce as much food waste as possible - so please contact us here (link) if you have a source that we can turn into treasure!

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Our values

Proudly a B-Corp business, at Warner’s Distillery we're committed to creating the best-tasting spirits that are also best for the planet. The means we strive to be “United in Spirit” and “Do the Right Thing

We have 4 pillars to help us do this:

  • Doing right by people
  • Right by the planet
  • Epic drinks the right way
  • Doing business right

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